Photograph by Nashad Soeker

We are Zaheed and Zughdi,
a twin set of graphic designers

- hence the name Zedduo.

(With our magical twin powers) We specialise in the design, illustration, websites, brand building and conceptualising, and most of all realising your message to your market through any visual means you can imagine.

Having both done this for over a decade, for both local and international organisations and institutions. We are confident in our proficiency, efficiency and market relevance and accrued a host of clients, (some who have been with us for years) from all sectors, from creative to corporate to NGO, retail, tourism, technology, sport, education and entertainment.

In this industry sustainable relationships are everything. We have learnt from our clients that the most desired qualities in a design team is the ability to be open, innovative, creative, adaptable, patient, to have a quick turnaround time and be fair in all business practices. To that end, we can humbly boast that we have a host of clients who can attest to our deeply ingrained value system and consistency of service.

We look forward to helping you realise your aesthetic vision for your organisation, and most of all nurturing a long relationship with you.

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